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Audio Levels in Digital Audio

Although I've spent many hours as a musician in recording studios, my experience on the other side of the glass at a recording desk was usually to listen to recorded audio and comment on editing and mixing. Over the last decade I've become more involved in the actual recording, usually of saxophones or the production of electroacoustic music. I thought it might be useful to list a few basic things that I had to understand in the beginning. Absolutely basic stuff for a properly trained audio or recording engineer, but for instrumentalists perhaps not. Read more

The Best Free Note Taking App.

Over the last few years I've noticed software seems to be getting more complicated for no apparent good reason. Software that used to focus on doing one thing really well falls prey to the 'it's updated and everything is better' curse, which I usually find means a watering down of its purpose and loads of add-ons that I didn't know I didn't want. The curse of betterment struck my note taking software, so I began a journey looking for the perfect app. Read more

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