Kenneth Wilkinson

| Saxophonist & Composer

| Artistic-Researcher

| Member of the Quirk Ensemble

| Educator


Three Angels

A graphic score for saxophone ensemble, using traditional notational elements. The score of Three Angels is a representation of sound and texture rather than a prescription of sound. The composition is similar to a painting, comprising of a background texture, percussive interjections and a solo read more...

Nine Pieces for Five Players

New recording by Quirk saxophone quartet. Nine Pieces for Five Players by renowned composer and saxophonist Richard Ingham was originally commissioned and written for the Plume Quintet. The original wind quintet version was later rewritten as a saxophone quintet for the Quirk saxophone quartet, read more...

Quartet in D minor by Giovanni Gambaro

An arrangement for saxophone quartet. The original work by Gambaro was a collection of three quartets written for flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon. This quartet (the second in the collection) substitutes soprano saxophone for flute, alto saxophone for clarinet, tenor saxophone for horn and read more...


'Somewhere, distant, the ancient mechanism of an old clock can only just be heard'. A simple piece for one or more saxophones. This piece portrays a clockwork mechanism, relying on the performer/s creating an almost inaudible texture of soft sounds. It is most effective performed by an ensemble, read more...

Fragile Dyads

Fragile Dyads: small fragile units of sound building up into a larger moving texture. Narrow bands of controlled instability, exhibiting fragility and flaws giving a natural life span. Reflecting the fragility and complexity of life, the dyads (two sounds played simultaneously) are produced using read more...